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Simply drag and drop your PDFs into an online tool and transform them to interactive digital formats for mobile apps, web readers and ebooks. This process can be manual or automatic with larger quantities of PDFs.

Test our tools

Use our free Aquafadas viewer app to test your digital documents on any device. This way you will know exactly how your content will look and function before you publish. Once testing is complete, simply push your your AVE file live through Cloud Connect to make it appear publically.

Add powerful enrichments

Easily add and format images. Upload them from your local source or embed from a URL. Keep them static or allow readers to zoom in.

Showcase multiple photos in your app or ebook. Keep it simple or enhance it with effects and animations.

Add an object to your publication that will trigger a chosen action: hyperlink, navigate between pages or anchors, quit etc. It can be styled the way you wish.

Add videos to your content. Upload them directly or embed from a URL. Choose triggering and playback options or create custom controls.

HTML Embed
Embed the entire webpages to your publication. Users can interact with web pages like with a web browser, and you can display HTML5 animations and more.

Enrich your content with invisible anchors that will allow to build navigation controls, trigger events or create stunning interactive effects by controlling content layers.

Instantly reorder pages for digital display. Forget about painful amends to the layout originally set for print.

With automatic crop removal feature, you save time by having to edit crop marks individually. Make your transition from a print layout to a digital magazine fluid and painless.

Offers superior definition to standard ePUB conversion tools.

AVE format export
For digital content created with the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System. This is the Aquafadas proprietary format guaranteeing security and data confidentiality.

Web reader
Showcase your content in a branded web reader that displays like an app.

Other tools

Would you rather start creating digital content from scratch? Check our inDesign Authoring plugin.

Need to convert batches of PDFs? Discover our automated solutions name ConversionFlow.

Automate the creation of custom-designed digital editions thanks to templates filled by your content.

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