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ConversionFlow is an automated publishing solution that allows you to automatically convert large volume of PDF documents to a digital format optimised for mobile devices. Upload your resources to an FTP server and let us handle the rest!

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Convert thousand of print titles to a variety of formats (iOS, Android, HTML5, ePub) without any additional effort and really fast. We know that speedy time to market delivery is key. Set up your project once and it’s done for you!

Once you’ve added interactive documents, your enriched pages are added to the workflow with zero disruption.

ConversionFlow workflow includes the automatic Guided Reading feature. With a single finger tap readers can easily view the content without any scrolling and zooming.

Linked to your Box Account
Today, you are using Box to share files between colleagues. Tomorrow, thanks to Aquafadas, you will be able to publish your documents in your app using Box interface that you already know so well. Easy and efficient

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Would you rather start creating digital content from scratch? Check our inDesign Authoring plugin.

Would you prefer something more straightforward? A simple PDF conversion?

Automate the creation of custom-designed digital editions thanks to templates filled by your content.

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