By 2020, most publishing companies will start to focus more on printing limited copies of new titles because of how Internet use is increasing. The emergence of smart devices, e-books, and online subscription models has transformed both the publishing landscape as well as reading behaviour of readers. Créativ’Book is the event not to miss because it gathers the most important actors in the field of digital book publishing and other eBook services.

About the event

Créativ’Book holds its 6th edition on November 25, 2019 at 3, Quai de Grenelle 75015 Paris at the New Cap Event Center. Indeed, it is the only exhibition in France dedicated to helping professionals create new sources of income by adopting a trans media strategy (print and digital) and developing new utilities.

This event will also showcase a concentration of know-how and expertise encompassing all the stages of book publishing, from production to distribution. Most importantly, several book, press and brand publishers will be there including Rakuten Aquafadas.

Rakuten Aquafadas display

As Molly Friedenfeld said “Digital publishing allows an author a new platform for which the words of one heart can be shared with all souls of the world”. Therefore, Rakuten Aquafadas is specialised in digital publishing with more than 10 years of experience.

Our artificial intelligence allows to transform and publish your content automatically in a “mobile-ready” format by offering your audience a more engaging user-experience.

If you want to learn more about how Rakuten Aquafadas helps publishers in digital services to monetise and engage readers, do not hesitate to visit us on the 25th of November at Stand 12!

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