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Automate the creation of custom-designed digital editions thanks to templates filled by your content

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For press and enterprise
Press publishers can use the existing NewsML flux, while entreprise can work from their existing website Dita XML flux. All of this to automatically generate digital edition with Creative Flow. Creative Flow is an option that can be added to Cloud Authoring. Contact us to take advantage today.

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Create templates once, generate new editions anytime
Publish and manage number of digital publications based on preset templates with tags (e.g titles, chapters and paragraphs). The tags allow for templates to be automatically filled with your content such as image and text etc.

Work with coders or developers help
If your team have skills in webdesign, they can create responsive HTML5 templates that will adapt automatically to any devices (smartphones, tablets, laptop). Otherwise if you rely on designers only they can create templates without any coding.

Automatically generated, but highly customisable
Once your digital publication is generated, you can edit it from our online platform Cloud Authoring. Text can be amended, enrichments added and new sections inserted. You can also change the templates or create a new part in your document.

Other tools

Would you rather start creating digital content from scratch? Check our inDesign Authoring plugin.

Need to convert batches of PDFs? Discover our automated solutions name ConversionFlow.

Would you prefer something more straightforward? A simple PDF conversion?

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