Design Thinking

a strategic path to successful projects

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What is it exactly?

Born in the United States over 40 years ago from techniques such as brainstorming and prototyping, especially at Stanford University, Design Thinking become a new problem-solving model whose use has been exploding since the year 2000.​

Design Thinking is a process inspired by the way designers think about innovating, giving birth to new products, processes and services.

This user experience (UX) based methodology combines three ways of thinking: customer, client and ergonomist.

Why is it a must?

When Design Thinking method are applied to business, it’s a competitive advantage for companies that innovate. It helps understanding unmet end-user needs and provides a list of their expectations.

What is the outcome for you?

Enriched by new ideas, tested and challenged by experts, Design Thinking approach validates the specs and scope of your future project. It lifts global performance to meet your objectives.

"It takes some times but it's very interesting to begin a project with the UX methodology"

Nataly Tudela, Digital & Acquisition Manager at Kosmos Tennis Davis Cup mobile App

How does it work?

1. Observing

Define the issues, brainstorm

2. Idea making

Build several courses to answer

3. Prototyping

Sketch and prototype your ideas

4. Testing

Listen to end-users: « test & learn »

5. Proposal

Choose best UX and design

6. Collaterals delivery

The workshop’s production, a list of features and our advice on your project