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According to the Content Marketing Institute, the most successful B2B marketers report spending 40% of their budget on marketing content as of 2018. In a world where content is increasingly recognised as king, it is undeniable to say that design and designers play an important role in content enterprise strategies in order to attract, engage and retain their audiences. 

In our latest white paper, we’ll help you understand the role of creatives, why design is essential and how new digital tools often used by designers (including no-code technologies like Rakuten Aquafadas digital and enterprise content solution) are crucial in achieving content strategy today. Here’s a sneaky peek and make sure to download it in full if you want to learn more. 


The role of the designer in enterprise 

The solution hunter 

Since the designer’s mission is at the last stage of the process of converting words into content, the designer is given a new role: the solutions hunter. This role can provide an excellent opportunity to identify tools that can help him manage workflows, but also make a critical contribution to accelerating enterprise content creation and deployment. 


The role of enterprise content 

An effective content strategy is designed to attract, engage and retain an audience with entertaining, engaging or useful content. Depending on the target audience, the content has a variety of roles to help achieve different goals. 

Successful employee onboarding 

In any organisation, it is essential to train recruits to be operational as quickly as possible. Pret A Manger, a British restaurant chain, has developed an effective application based on gamified content to encourage its staff to interact with managers and HR. 

Improved product experiences 

Companies that are themselves content brands, such as training institutes and media companies, depend on the timeliness, accuracy, relevance and value of their content. 

Empowered sales people 

In order to communicate effectively on a company’s products, services and brand values, the sales force must have quality content. That’s why Adecco has leveraged performances from an application to ensure that its documentation reaches its sales teams effectively. 


Product more with less 

Business processes and automation 

The designer must be attentive to his business process and identify the best tools that can help automate his workflows: when managing his work takes more time than creative thinking, it becomes impossible for him to be productive. Some simple tasks can therefore be managed through software and machines. 


Design strategy is essential: no time for waste. In terms of design, reusability is infinite: templates and layouts must imperatively take up a similar theme and be reused as much as possible. 


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For more details on enterprise content and the role of designers, download our latest white paper. And if you want to create your own pixel-perfect content, automate workflows and produce more with less, get in touch with Rakuten Aquafadas’ experts to discuss your project and get your free demo. 

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