Digital in 2017 – expert predictions

digital2017 – the year of mobile and digital transformation

Champagne corks popped, fireworks faded on the sky: 2016 send off completed 2017 is here. Last year brought lots of changes in digital and tech. It has been called a year of live streaming video, considered as a key milestone for IoT and AI, VR technologies. Some predicted the end of apps, others focussed on evolution from sticky to slippy ones. But for us there is no doubt that 2017 will continue being a year of mobile. It has now officially surpassed desktop by becoming the top source of web traffic across the world. On the other hand digital transformation in enterprise entered a maturity stage and is leading as a key tech trend for 2017. Big data, mobile apps, IoT and innovation moved from nice to haves into central components of a modern corporate strategy.

Key trends in 2017 – expert predictions and opinions

So what can we expect in 2017?  Here are some of the trends and predictions from leading digital experts.

Apps  – competitive market becoming ever so hard to enter but more exciting in terms of choice

“I don’t see the “app fatigue” come just yet, even though it might be even harder for newcomers as successful companies keep diversifying and take more place in people’s lives.”, Sylvain Gauchet, Apptamin

“In 2017 I can see a boom in AI-driven mobile applications. Our phones will become our smart personal assistants for everything.”, Tom De Ruyck, InSites Consulting
“B2B apps and content publishing solutions will  emerge as key solutions in the fast paced digital world of today. Specifically private corporate apps designed to publish and distribute interactive content. Those with clearly defined functional objectives such as sales enhancement or product demo.”, Vincent Suzat, Electric News

“This year we will undoubtedly see further web and app convergence.  Make sure that you take advantage of the all the different touch points: putting people at the heart of your marketing regardless of the device they’re using.”,  Simon Baptist, Tune

Social media – advertising boom and increased competition for users

“I see the convergence of some social platforms (FB, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.) continuing as they compete with each others to keep user engagement high and be the one place where people communicate, share their life and consume content. As Facebook did with Instant Games in Messenger, other platforms might start integrated these kind of in-app stores to increase retention (following in the steps of what Line or WeChat have been doing).”, Sylvain Gauchet, Apptamin

“Boom of digital advertising on social media will finally surpass press advertising in terms of revenue”,  Laurent PONTEGNIER, Transition numérique

Video – can it get even bigger?

“Because the social media platforms are pushing it really strongly, I think video is going to take an even bigger place both in communications and advertising. With the democratisation of new video ad formats like vertical videos, 360 videos, VR videos, interactive videos or even just vertical videos.”
Sylvain Gauchet, Apptamin

Virtual and Augmented Reality – will they enter our homes and are we ready?

“VR will keep growing but not become mainstream just yet. Brand should keep thinking about how VR/AR can serve them, but only do the move if there is a clear added value for customers. Those technologies can however already be leveraged for marketing/advertising.”, Sylvain Gauchet, Apptamin
“AI will become more common in apps, with customers more used to getting a personalised experience and quick help.”, Sylvain Gauchet, Apptamin
“Augmented reality such as HoloLens experience is still quite far from entering our homes. Businesses, medical and military sectors or super fans with deep wallets are the ones discovering benefits. However we are expecting democratisation of augmented reality. It’s going to become more accessible to end users via innovative services, boutiques and web”, Valentin Huguet-Bourrel, Digitools
“Thanks to smartphones and headsets day-to-day use of Virtual reality will explode in 2017. With lower costs, starting from 20 euros for Google Cardboard, VR will become more and more affordable. We’ll start seeing it everywhere: in shopping centres, tourist hotspots, train stations. But are we ready for it?”,  Valentin Huguet-Bourrel, Digitools

Mobile CRM – an answer to hyper connected world

“Mobile CRM is going to be a major topic in 2017. Big companies and enterprises will adopt to things like social login, data exchanges and smart engagement funnels. Therefore they will need, what seems obvious to startups and mobile-first companies: a robust measurement of cross-device / cross-channel behaviour, content and value to trigger dynamics at the right moment and the skills to select the right APIs and tools in order to do so within their products. Retention and engagement tools, especially for mobile will thrive and I also see the need for marketing designers, content editors and specialists for messaging (emoji illustrator anyone?) within mobile-focused companies”, Stefan Bielau, Dynamo Partners

Omnipresent data 

“Arrival of data centres from Amazon, Google and Microsoft in France indicated the end of protected national hosting and a new approach regarding access to valuable data.”, Laurent PONTEGNIER, Transition numérique

Augmented humans – is it fair?

“It is a hot topic combining various social, ethical and economical aspects. The idea of enhanced bodies is linked with a dream of better and longer lives and anti ageing advancements, all possible thanks to technical and medical innovation. But unfair access to innovation sparks public debate that will no doubt be vivid in the next few years”, Valentin Huguet-Bourrel, Digitools

What are your predictions for 2017? Tell us what you think in the comments below. 

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