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2017 is officially over but what will be digital predictions for 2018? What are the hot trends for the new year accordingly to the industry experts? With so many milestones reached and significant events taking place recently, can anything else surprise us when it comes to digital and mobile trends in 2018?
Will Apple continue bouncing back with so many new phones released last year? Is it possible that voice and images will become the biggest growing trend in the next months? Meaning moving users even further away from typing and creating a great impact on UX and UI standards? Is video dominance here to stay? Will already impressive video stats grow even bigger with over 84% of marketers creating more short movies in 2017. Might app downloads and development increase even more? Will we see further VR applications with onboarding features to help users learn how to best navigate them? What about applications in enterprise? With security being a key challenge for C-suite, will apps development for business focus on safety strategies, with private password protected access and easy scalability?

Experts digital predictions for 2018

We have spoken to our digital experts friends. We asked them for their view on digital and mobile in 2018. And here is what they think.

Mobile phone victory – our top 1 of digital predictions 

“When it comes to digital predictions for 2018 will be in my eyes, the final victory of the mobile phone on any other platform available for the management of our lives online (PC, tablet). Purchases, social networking, services of daily life will be all managed from phones. Telecom companies are becoming increasingly reliable and fast. The price of data is falling (especially in France because of the competition exacerbated between operators), phones are becoming more efficient than our PCs. Finally our cameras and especially, new services are born only on mobile devices: payment, access management, translation, IA etc. The new players in the web will gradually abandon the development of Web interface to deliver only services adapted to the ergonomics of phones. And the “web” applications will become obsolete.”; Laurent Pontégnier, Transition Numérique Plus

Scalable enterprise apps: secure and consolidated with traffic drivers

“In terms of my digital predictions, I think that in 2018 the landscape of business apps will become highly strategic. Key focus will be on longevity, security and wider business benefits. With so many data breaches, it’s going to be crucial for our enterprise to invest in private, login protected app services. And they will have to be well integrated with their current IT infrastructure. We’ll see a movement from one-off tactical apps to strategic long-term app platforms. They will not only allow to become more productive and do more with less. But will also answer to various internal needs such as: productivity, sharing, education, onboarding, internal and external communications. These interconnected services delivered via apps will be boosted by adding various elements to them. Such as loyalty drivers to keep users coming back and well engaged.”; Achille Coenegracht, Rakuten Aquafadas

Marketing technology – growing contender in digital predictions 2018

“Marketing technology (sometimes called Martech) is continuing to grow. According to Venture Beat there has been over $134 billion invested in this category in startups in just 5 years. In 2018 IDC is predicting that CMO’s will spend $32 billion on buying and implementing Martech solutions. But the category has 3 core categories. B2B marketing, B2C marketing and advertising technology. It should not be seen as one size fits all. 
According to Ajay Agarwal in an article on TechCrunch there is an interesting divide between spending on marketing versus sales between B2B and B2C. B2B companies spend much more on their front end sales than on marketing at a ratio of  10:1. B2C spends a lot more on marketing than sales with an inverse ratio of 10:1. Maybe we will expect to see Salesforce dominate B2B marketing tech as it is the dominant sales tool for B2B globally. He sees the key trend and opportunity as one in which a B2C marketing company can create a B2C system of record from the start of the customer journey to sale.”; Jeff Bullas,

Facebook and Google’s advertising share

“With such a large audience and so many ad placement possibilities, Facebook and Google will keep eating advertising market shares and mobile app publishers will turn less and less to alternative ad networks. Especially for video. Facebook and Google will also try to become bigger players in the attribution game. With the goal of offering an all in one solution that does not require third party partners. With the iOS 11 release, Apple has given video a bigger role. We’ll keep seeing mobile app publishers experimenting with video on the App Store and exploring the “grey area” of Apple’s guidelines, leading the iOS App Previews to look more and more like ads.”; Sylvain Gauchet, Apptamin

Acquisition, monetisation and re-engagement of app users

“1.User Acquisition: in search of high quality users, app developers will turn to so-called user exchanges, trading their own audience with another developer. Think Chartboost, but for non-gaming apps.
2. Monetization: put your own user data into marketplaces like adsquare. And let other publishers use your audience segments to do UA (without giving away your user´s ID of course). That will open up a new revenue stream with little investment and risk.
3. Re-Engagement: Developers should benchmark what ecommerce players are doing with conversational business. If someone triggers an event in your app/game and then leaves or stops, a bot can get those users back into your app. All messaging platforms empower such CRM plugins.”; Stefan Bielau, Dynamo Partners

Digital publishing and monetising on content

“The challenge of the coming years of digital publishing mainly revolves around creation of specific content. Also added value, editorialization, digital design, creativity and scriptwriting. And all of this is costly. This therefore means needing to invent new economic models. I’m thinking for example of editorialization digital advertising. How to create advertising content that readers will not want to block? And that will be able to monetise on? Could it be by creating background, re-geo-mapping information, drawing the cross-media thread of the “story”, or by proposing gamification, or the beautiful, the funny, the dream? Users are willing to purchase (more easily than in previous years), but not low quality.They want something that really brings an interest. So again, the content is the issue. 
Among the exciting elements to explore are video. Whether it’s classic, or VR, interactive, 3D, or narrative. In terms of creation and digital publication, everything remains to be invented, to imagine. And fortunately the coming millennium generations will be able to seize it without complex, pushing the borders without reluctance.I can not wait to see what will come … So long live 2018!”; Vincent Suzat, Electric News

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