Author: Dana-Maria ROBU
Publishing date: 24/01/2020
Version history: 2.0

The Social Sharing option allows you to share an application or specific content, from your application, on the social networks. You can activate this option, in real time, in Cloud Connect.

Activate Social Sharing in Cloud Connect

  1. Connect to Cloud Connect.
  2. Click on the Apps tab, then select the application for which you want to activate the option.
Click on the Apps tab.
Select the app.

3. Select the Social Sharing item.

Click on the Social Sharing tab.

4. Check the box on the top to share the application on social networks.

5. Fill in the URLs of the application for each platform you want to share the application.

6. Check the box at the bottom if you want to share a specific content.

7. Click on the Update button to save and update the information within the application.

For app link from Apple store: choose your app from the left menu Information App Store, go to Application information. Click on Complementary information and then on Show on Apple Store.

Check to share the app.
Fill in the Google link of the app.
Fill in the Apple link of the app.
Fill in the web link of the app.
Check to share a specific content.
Click to update.
The sharing icon is displayed on the header of the application. When clicking on it, the details of the social platforms is displayed.

Examples of iOS and Android applications with details.

Connect social networks accounts within the application to make appear their icons in the social sharing menu.

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