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AVE Interactivity Panel

The AVE Interactivity Panel is used to change the orientation of your layout and to add enrichments (interactivity) supported within Aquafadas system.

The AVE Interactivity panel is located in the Aquafadas InDesign menu > AVE Interactivity, under the AVE Project Manager panel.

Figure 1. 

When you open the Interactivity panel for the first time, with nothing selected, the panel provides instructions on how to place interactivity into a document.

First you must select an object in your InDesign document.

Then you can select the type of enrichment you would like to add.

  • Customized Smart Reading: you customize the smart reading.

  • Automatic Smart Reading & Enrichments: you automatically customize the smart reading by adding enrichments like Add Text to recognition, Add Images to recognition or Add Groups in "To image" enrichment. Use this to save time and enrich an entire book using one single action.

    Figure 2. 

  • InDesign Interactive Object to AVE Enrichments Conversion: you convert interactivities created in InDesign: for example, a button into an enrichment.

  • Customize bookmarks: you assign information to bookmarks created in InDesign: tittles, subtitles, image, author. These bookmarks are used to create the ToC of your document.

  • Generate the active document: you generate the project in one of the proposed formats: AVE MAG or AVE PDF. When you have an active document and you have nothing selected in it, you can use this button to generate.

    Figure 3. 

  • Get all assets: it processes your document and displays the files list of your document.

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