About Vouchers in Cloud Connect


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Create a rule

You create vouchers to entitle users to a content discount, issues, for a (un)defined period.

First you need to create a rule in Cloud Connect. A rule contains information about the voucher you create and the content added to it.

  1. Connect to your Cloud Connect account.

  2. Click on the APPS tab.

  3. Select the application for which you want to create the voucher.

  4. Click on the Vouchers item.

    Figure 1. 

  5. Click on the +Create a new rule button.

  6. Fill in the General tab:

    • Type the name of the Voucher.

    • Select an Expiration date, if your voucher is not permanent.

    • Set the Activation limit to know how many different users will receive and use the voucher.

    • Set a Content lifetime to the content attached to the voucher.

    • Type a Description of the voucher. This information is not mandatory to create the rule.

    • Type a description of the receiver to whom the voucher will be sent.

    Figure 2. 


    The information in the General tab will not be visible to the users. Users selected for the voucher will receive only a code to acquire the content.

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