Configure Monodoc in AppFactory

The configurations for iOS and Android are slightly different, as iOS gives two possibilities to set a Monodoc app: via Remote reader and via AVE reader (embedded reader).

For visual and field name reasons, the procedures is split in two sections: iOS and Android.


When configuring your app in AppFactory, click the question marks, next to the fields, for further details on the use and purpose of these fields within the application.

Monodoc via Remote Reader

Configure Monodoc via Remote Reader

  1. Open iOS AppFactory.

  2. Select Remote Reader template and click on the Choose button.

    Figure 3.3. 

  3. Drag and drop the downloaded certificate in the App Info field.

    Figure 3.4. 

    According to the certificate, AppFactory will recognize your application and fill in automatically the fields in the Info tab.

    Figure 3.5. 

  4. Type the issue ID in the dedicated field for the app to recognize and display the content.

    Figure 3.6. 

  5. Continue setting up the application by filling in the tabs in the Sections menu:

    • Icons: if you want to change the icon images,

    • Startup: if you want to change the startup images,

    • Loading screen: if you want to change the loading screen images.


      All images required by AppFactory must be dragged and dropped in the dedicated boxes.

  6. Click on the Export to Device button to export Monodoc application on a declared device.

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