Chapter 4. Export the Next Gen App

Once your Next Gen app is finished in Cloud Connect, you can export it in AppFactory. 
First you need to get information from Cloud Connect, then to set the application in AppFactory.

Required information from Cloud Connect

To export a Next Gen App on AppFactory, you need to recover information about it from Cloud Connect:

  • Download the Application Certificate from the Application Dashboard.

    How to get the Application Certificate on Cloud Connect

    1. Go to Cloud Connect page.

    2. Enter your credentials: email and password.

    3. Click on the APPS tab to open the applications page of your account.

    4. Select your application.

      Figure 4.1. 

    5. Click on the Download Application Certificate button to get the certificate.


      Do not forget to assign an application licence to your application.

      Figure 4.2. 

      An aveapp document format is downloaded on your computer.
  • Select the Store Model by default to display in the app

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