Chapter 1. What is App Light?

App Light presentation

The App Light is a single title store elements, displayed as banners, entirely managed from Cloud Connect. Every modification on the content, in Cloud Connect, is saved in the store in real time. There is no need to update the application.

App Light has a fixed structure, made of three banners: Spotlight, Grid and Subscription. Before starting to build the App Light, prepare all the following phases:

  1. Define the title.

  2. Prepare the visual elements: images displayed in the store elements.

  3. Prepare the information about the application: complete the form sent by Aquafadas.

Once you've finished these steps, you can build the App Light in Cloud Connect:

  1. Build the App Light in Cloud Connect.

    1. Create an App Light.

    2. Create products.

    3. Create a Store Model.

    4. Move or hide banners inside the store of the App Light.

  2. Configure the App Light options.

  3. Build the App Light in AppFactory.

  4. Ingest content on Cloud Connect, manually or automatically.


    This phase is independent of the app creation. For further details, see ???.

Figure 1.1. App Light on iOS

App Light on iOS

Figure 1.2. AppLight on Android

AppLight on Android

For a better understanding of Cloud Connect content managing, here's the pattern of its functioning:

  1. Manage Titles and Issues: these are the AvePDF or AveMag contents organized in Cloud Connect interface.

  2. Manage the store elements in the application: the banners to display the content in the store.


    To use AppFactory and see the visual rendering, create first, in Cloud Connect, Next Gen App identifiers.

    In AppFactory, buy the licence from the AppStore or ask Aquafadas for a licence.

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