Create an ePub via InDesign Authoring


Revision History

The original ePub format has been extended to render pages that would preserve the fidelity of the original layout in InDesign.

Because ePub format is based on standards such as CSS, XHTML, SVG and Javascript, Aquafadas software will maintain the orientation, fonts and font placement, and interactivities you made for your tablet output.

A number of enrichments are already supported in our ePub export, such as sideshows, videos, html5 animations, read-aloud, and actions.

Create an ePub project

Create an AVE MAG/AVE PDF Project

In order to use the InDesign plugin enrichments, you need to create a project to see the basics of Rakuten Aquafadas digital publishing system.

  1. Open the Project Manager tab. It will display a folder, empty if it is the first time when using it.

  2. Click on the + button located above the projects list. A pop-up will appear.

  3. Select among:

    • Project type: AVE Mag or AVE PDF.

    • Orientation: portrait or landscape.

    • Target: phone or tablet.

    • Size: phone/tablet sizes or custom the sizes.

    Figure 1. 

    Aquafadas currently supports two types of projects:
    • AVE MAG: this is a project where you have no existing document. You will create the pages from scratch or use the templates provided within the application (For Testing). The current page size supported in this mode is 1024x768 pixels, which corresponds to an iPad in landscape or portrait mode.

    • AVE PDF: with this type of project you can import existing InDesign documents to build/transform the original document to a digital format.

    We chose AVE PDF project to show you the basic interactions allowed by this type of project.

  4. Click on the OK button in the pop-up to save the new created project.


An ePub can be set in the either format: AVE PDF or AVE MAG. An ePub can be set as landscape, portrait or both. But if both orientations are chosen, only the landscape will be generated. For documents that you have already made for print, you should choose AVE PDF.

Facing Pages or Non-Facing Pages?

If your document is setup as spreads with Facing Pages your document will display as a spread in iBooks as you turn the pages.

If you want each page to just stretch over the spine of the book, you can turn off facing pages.


You cannot have enrichments placed over the spine of the document, center of page in non-Facing Pages document. All images and elements over the spine are split into two to render properly on each page. For example, you can't put a video in the middle of the page.

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