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The featured items (Carousel type) allow you to create dynamic banners containing images, videos, and URL links.

Create a Featured Item

  1. Go to the Cloud Connect page.

  2. Enter your credentials.

  3. Click on the APPS tab and select the application.

    Figure 1. 

  4. Click on the Featured items tab in your application.

    Figure 2. 

  5. Create a new reference key:

    1. Click on the Add button to create the new key.

    2. Enter a personalized reference key in the dedicated field: example BANNER1.

      Figure 3. 

  6. Define the language:

    1. Click on the +Add button to select the featured item language.

      Figure 4. 

    2. Select the language from the list menu.

      Figure 5. 

    3. Click on the Add button to add the selected language.


      To add more languages start again by clicking on the +Add button.

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