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Create a team

This feature is to create teams of users within an account. Depending on the role of the team, each team has access to certain parts of the content: Issues, Titles and Applications.

Inside a team, each member has a specific profile, rights and restrained access to the content. Not all members have access to the same content. See the section called “Add members to the team”.

Add a team

  1. Connect to your Cloud Connect account.

  2. Click on the Settings menu.

  3. Click on the Teams tab.

  4. Click on the +Add Teams button.

    Figure 1. 

  5. Type the name of the team and click on the Next button, to add titles and applications to the team.

    Figure 2. 

  6. Select the application(s) to add to the team. Click on the Action button if you want to add the associated titles of the application to the team too.


    If you don't want to add the titles associated to the application, you'll add only the management of the application, but with no access to the content.

    Figure 3. 

  7. Select the titles to add to the team.

    Figure 4. 

  8. Click on the Finish button to validate the new team.

    The new team will appear in the team list of the Teams tab.

    Figure 5. 

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