Manage user devices in Cloud Connect


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The purpose of this documentation is to know how to manage the user devices directly from Cloud Connect. 
You will be able to change the number of linked devices and to unlink devices from an application.

Limit the number of linked devices

In Cloud Connect, in Account Settings/Application Settings tab, in the Application Users card you can limit the number of linked devices.

  1. Connect to your Cloud Connect account.

  2. Click on the Account Settings/Application Settings tab.

  3. Type the email in the Application Users card.

    Figure 1. 

    The User Information card is displayed.
  4. Click the Edit button.

    Figure 2. 

  5. Check the button Has a maximum number of linked devices, set the number and save the modifications.

    Figure 3. 


    You can set the number you want up to unlimited devices for an application.

    The new number of linked devices is set and saved.
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