Register test devices

Register Test devices

  1. Connect to Apple Developer page, Member Center menu.

  2. Click on the Certificates, Identifiers&Profiles.

  3. Click on the Devices tab to display all registered devices.

  4. Click on the + button to open the form for registering devices.

    Figure 16. 

    You can register up to 100 devices per year.
  5. Register device(s).

    • Select Register Device button to register one test device.

      1. Fill in the Name of the device: quick description of the device, type, user.

      2. Fill in the UDID (Unique Device Identifier): device identifier. See how to the section called “Get the UDID of iOS devices”.

        Figure 17. 


        The UDID is unique and used only by Apple. It is different from the one used by Cloud Connect. Apple UDID allows you to test applications, while Cloud Connect UDID allows to test Issues.

    • Select Register Multiple Devices button to register up to 100 devices.

      1. Download the sample file to fill in with the devices you want to register.

      2. Upload the file containing the devices by clicking on the Choose File button.

        Figure 18. 

  6. Click on the Continue button to register the device(s).

Get the UDID of iOS devices

There are two methods to get the UDID of an iOS device:

  • via iTunes,

  • via Xcode.

Get the UDID via iTunes

  1. Open the iTunes application.

  2. Fill in the serial number.

    Figure 19. 

    The UDID of the device will appear.

    Figure 20. 

  3. Copy the UDID and paste it in the designated filed on the Register a New Device page.

Get the UDID via Xcode

  1. Connect the device to your MAC computer.

  2. Open Xcode application.

  3. Select Devices in the Window menu.

    Figure 21. 

  4. Select the device to register. The UDID is named "identifier". Select and copy it.

    Figure 22. 

  5. Copy the UDID and paste it in the designated filed on the Register a New Device page.

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