Create Ad-Hoc or App Store profiles

  1. Connect to Apple Developer page, Member Center menu.

  2. Click on the Certificates, Identifiers&Profiles to manage your profile.

  3. Click on the + button to create a new certificate.

    Figure 23. 

  4. Select the Profile, then click on the Continue button.

    • AppStore: applications compiled with this profile are submitted to Apple for validation.

    • AdHoc: applications compiled with this profile are installed only on test devices.

    Figure 24. 

  5. Select the App ID of your application, then click to Continue.

    Figure 25. 

  6. Select the certificate used for the application.

    Figure 26. 

  7. Select the devices for the Ad-Hoc profile/application, then click to Continue.

    Figure 27. 

    To install an application signed with this profile on a device, select the device in the list.

Install a profile on your computer

To install a profile on your computer you download it and then open it with Xcode.

  1. Open the Settings tab in Xcode to connect to your Apple Developer account.

    Figure 28. 

  2. Click on the View Details button to display the certificates and account profiles.

  3. Click on the Refresh button to update the profiles list.

    Figure 29. 

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