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Once you have created and configured your application in Cloud Connect and AppFactory, you need to submit it on Google Play.

You need to:

  • Compile and export the APK file via Android AppFactory,

  • Test the APK on Android device,

  • Submit the application on Google Play Developer Console. You need to have a Google Developer account. If you don't have one, Google will ask to pay for an unique account for 25 $.

Compile and export the APK file

  1. Click on the Export button in top right of the page.

    Figure 1. 

  2. Click on the Create New Keystore button if it is the first version of the application. If not, drag and drop the previous Keystore created.

    Figure 2. 

  3. Fill in all the fields to create the Keystore.

    Figure 3. 

    Once the fields filled in, the Keystore is linked to the project.
  4. Confirm the passwords (Key Password, Alias Name, Alias password) and click on the Export button to launch the APK generation by selecting a name and its destination folder.

    Figure 4. 

    You can see the development of the compilation.

    Figure 5. 

    Figure 6. 

    Connect an Android device to the computer to install and test the APK.


Keep carefully the Keystore and passwords file.

Further updates of your application have to be signed with the same Keystore.

Google Play will not authorize the update and will ask you to create another application with a different Bundle Id package. This will block the users to automatically update.

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