01. What is Single Document app?

Single Document is a single title application. You can build it out of one single document that you create with Rakuten Aquafadas authoring tools (InDesign plugin or Cloud Authoring)  and configure in Cloud Connect.

Every modification on the content, in Cloud Connect, is saved in the application in real time. There is no need to update the application.

To build a Single Document in Cloud Connect:
  1.  Create the Single Document in Cloud Connect:
  • Create a Single Document.
  • Create a free product.

2. Configure the Single Document options.

3. Build the Single Document in AppFactory.

4. Ingest content on Cloud Connect manually.

This phase is independent of the app creation. For further details, see Ingest content manually in Cloud Connect.

For a better understanding of Cloud Connect content managing, here’s the pattern of its functioning:

  1. Manage Titles and Issues: these are the ZAVE files organized on cloud Connect interface.
  2. Manage the Single Document in the application: build the Single Document in AppFactory.

To use AppFactory and see the visual rendering, create first, in Cloud Connect, Next Gen App identifiers.

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