AVE Project Manager overview

AVE Project Manager is a panel in the Aquafadas menu of the InDesign plugin.

Open AVE Project Manager panel

  1. Click on the Aquafadas menu item.
  2. Select AVE Project Manager.
  3. Enter your credentials: email and password.
  4. Click on the Go online button.

All saved projects are displayed in the left side of the AVE Project Manager window.

5. Select a project to see the project structure on the right side of the window.

The right hand side of the window shows the Project Structure of the selected project. Each time you change your selection in the project list, the Project Manager will show all of the InDesign pages related to that project.

At the bottom of the projects list, there is a toolbar with the commands that apply to a project. They are as follows: Create ProjectCreate Folder Project, ImportExportDuplicateRefresh, and Delete.

The generation buttons above are:Generate ProjectTest, and Retrieve.

Below the Project Structure there are Relink Project AssetsSynchronize ProjectProject Settings and Zoom.

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