Next Gen App 4.6 new features

  • in Cloud Connect and Next Gen App:
    • New store elements: Subscription,
    • Set the main Store Model,
    • New licences multi-platforms.
  • in Next Gen App:
    • Improvement for Grid store element,
    • New DeepLinks and improvement of syntax,
    • Adding badges on the issues,
    • Amazon compatibility,
    • Display improvement for the app,
    • Management of multi-titles subscriptions,
    • Management of light colors themes in AppFactory.

Subscription store element

This new store element has been added to display the subscriptions you have created in the Products tab.

For further details, see the section called “Subscription banner type”.

Set the main Store Model

This new feature allows you to define in Cloud Connect a main store to be displayed in the application. It can be changed at any moment.

The Store Id field, in AppFactory, is not present anymore. AppFactory will display the store accordingly.

For further details, see the section called “Set the main Store Model”.

New licences multi-platforms

AppFactory is now compatible with multi-platforms application licences from Cloud Connect: Monodoc, AppLight and Next Gen App.

Improvement for Grid store element

See all button has been added in Cloud Connect for this store element and it is taken into account in AppFactory.

The size of the cover icons is now automatically adjusted for a better display in the application.

For further details, see the section called “Grid banner type”.

New DeepLinks and improvement of the syntax

New deeplinks have been added and their syntax has been simplified.

For further details, see ???.

Badges for achieved or ready to download issues

In AppFactory, issues that you bought or you can download are now marked with a badge.

Amazon compatibility

Next Gen App is now compatible on Amazon.

Display improvements for the app

The 4.6 version contains a series of improvements for:

  • detailed view for cover pages,
  • preview display,
  • possibility to display the cover in full screen mode,
  • fusion of tabs Acquired and Available into More issues,
  • adding of a visual indicator when subscribed,
  • taking into account the header size for multi-titles applications,
  • general review for font size and all other elements of the application.

Management of multi-titles subscriptions

All subscriptions assigned to titles are displayed in the pop-up when clicking for subscription.

Next Gen App managed until this new version only single title subscriptions, such as Mode&Co.

Starting the 4.6 version, Next Gen App can manage multi-titles subscriptions, such as Mode&Co and Sport News.

Management of light colors themes in AppFactory

You can manage light colors in AppFactory, as indicated on Google color palette.

As suggested, the text color will turn white or black according to the chosen theme color. The Titles color for List or Grid will turn black if a light color is chosen.

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