InDesign project structure

In the project structure section of the Project Manager panel you can:

  • create a New blank document,
  • import an InDesign file you have already created,
  • add from a template supplied by Aquafadas.

Separate InDesign files (Articles) can have different interactions on a device. This depends on the kind of project you define: AVE PDF or AVE MAG.

In AVE MAG an article is a single InDesign File. This allows you to create stacks of InDesign documents that allow for downward navigation into an article on a device. This can be shut off in the Project Settings to allow for only horizontal navigation.

In AVE PDF an InDesign file is just a part of a book and user can consider the entire project as one InDesign book regardless of the number of separate InDesign documents.

  • New: the New button creates a new blank document in correlation to the orientation you have chosen for your project: horizontal or vertical.
  • Import ID file: you can import existing InDesign documents into your new project.


  • This will not automatically change your document into the correct orientation of your project.You must change your document size manually when using AVE Mag. AVE Mag does not support Facing Pages, found in Document settings, Allow Document Pages to Shuffle.When using AVE PDF you can leave your documents as spreads.
  • Add From Template: you can choose from a list of templates provided to you by Aquafadas, for testing purposes.

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