Project Settings

Project settings include all the settings for your project:

  • General,
  • Metadata,
  • AVE,
  • ePub,
  • Web,
  • Fonts Management.

General tab

In the General section you can change the Project name.

You are not allowed to change the Project type. You can only pick this once when you create a new project.

You can change the orientation for a project at any time. You are not allowed to change the device size of a project.


If you do not pick the correct device when the ZAVE is made, the ZAVEM (manifest file) will not contain the correct metadata for the device. You will need to create a new project and use Synchronize Project to rebuild the project for correct output.

Metadata tab

Metadata is taken into account only for ePub files. You can see this in an ePub reader device. If you build an ePub file, you must fill in all the fields, otherwise the ePub file will not be ePub compliant.

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