Project Settings: AVE tab

The AVE tab is where you control the settings for:

  • Reader,
  • Menu Bar,
  • Navigation Bar,
  • Enrichments,
  • Progressive Download,
  • Preview,
  • Analytics,
  • Reflow,
  • Extra Resources,
  • HTML Settings.

This is where you can change the look of the menu bar that appears at the top of your device when you are in your App.


  • Story Direction: you can reverse the reading direction from left to right or right to left.
  • Restrictions on Zoom: you can choose between these options:
    • Zoom is active: the user can zoom in the document.
    • Zoom is active for SmartReading only: the user cannot zoom outside of a SmartReading area.
    • Zoom is inactive: the user will not be able to zoom.

      The added feature is that the AVE PDF file size will be smaller because the PDF will not be generated, only the preview pages.

  • Content fitting mode: to manage the way the page will appear in the reader.
    • Fill: pages are displayed to fill th whole screen.
    • Fit: pages are scaled down to fit inside the screen.
    • Smart: used only with double pages. In horizontal mode, both pages will fit inside the screen. In vertical mode, only one of the two pages will fit inside the screen.
    • Smart center: used only with double pages. In horizontal mode, only two pages will fit inside the screen.
    • Snap: when Snap option is checked the pages will snap into position when the page is turned.

Menu Bar

This is the Reader top bar.

The first setting in the Bar Settings section:

  • Display Menu Bar: is a check box that allows you to disable it, this is not recommend, as it will prevent you from closing your publication in MyKiosk.
  • Bar Settings: you can decide whether the menu bar will always be visible or not. You can also change its look by changing its type, height, color and transparency.
  • Menu Items: you can change the content of the Menu Bar. The items at the top of the list are placed at the left side of the bar. The items at the bottom of the list are placed at the right side of the bar. You can drag and drop the items in the list to change their position in the bar. You are able to change the text of the items and the background image to give a different look to the buttons. You can also to add or remove items with the + and  buttons under the list.
    • Close: to close the publication.
    • Page Label: to display the page number and the total number of pages.
    • Settings: to open a pop-up containing reader’s settings.
    • Help: to open a pop-up containing tips for the user.

    You can also add new Menu items by clicking on the + button:

    • Add/Delete Bookmark: to allow the user to add or delete a bookmark of the page.
    • Add/Delete Note: to allow the user to add or delete a note of the page.
    • Bookmarks/Note: to allow user to bookmark and add a note to the page.
    • Flexible Space: to add space between menu items.
    • Search: to activate the search within the content.
    • Gallery,
    • Increase/Decrease text,
    • Clipping,
    • Table of Content,
    • Share.

Navigation Bar

This is the bar displayed at the top or bottom of the reader. It allows the user to quickly navigate the pages of your AVE PDF or AVE MAG.

Depending of the AVE kind, the parameters are not the same.

If None type is selected, the bar will not be displayable in the reader.

  • Spread View: you can only place your finger on it to make it popup. It displays the thumbnail of the page pointed on the bar in a popup. In the settings you can change the aspect of the bar by modifying the height, the color and the popup size. You can set the bar to display the page numbers instead of thumbnails. The Full Screen Button displays the list of pages in full screen.

Stack View: is larger than the Spread View because it displays the thumbnails of the pages inside the bar. The settings allows you to change the size of the thumbnails and the gap between them.

  • Article Preview Width: the width of the article preview (thumbnail) as it appears in the Navigation Bar.
  • Article Preview Height: the height of the article preview (thumbnail) as it appears in the Navigation Bar.
  • Gap Between Articles: the space between any two article previews (thumbnails) in the Navigation Bar.
  • Gap Between Pages: the space between page thumbnails in an article stack.
  • Scroll Deceleration: this is the speed to which the scroll effect stops after a user swipes the Navigation Bar to view more pages. This is the deceleration rate: fast or slow.
  • Enable Fullscreen: enables a fullscreen view of the Navigation Bar.


Check the button to use a compatible way to run Javascript animations in Web View.

Progressive Download

Progressive Download speeds up the process of waiting for a ZAVE file to download before you are able to read it.

You can choose the articles which are in the start ZAVE and which will be ready to download after reading begins. As soon as the start ZAVE is downloaded, a user can begin reading while the rest of the files download.


Check the button to generate preview pages for this project.

You can add consecutive pages using a dash “-“, and/or nonconsecutive pages using a coma “,”.


Analytics is an enrichment to tag and track user activity: page views based on article, orientation, data about audio, video, hyperlinks, image to fullscreen, slideshow (change slide or go fullscreen), start read aloud, start guided reading and drag and drop, and all kinds of actions.

You need to setup an analytics account. Once you have setup your account you need to add an account to track the interactivity within each issue in your App.

If you have several different Apps, it is a good idea to setup different accounts for each App. Since the information that will be tracked is based on the issues within each App.

Extra Resources

This option allows you to add files in the ZAVE and change elements by default.

HTML Settings

You can set options for the reader:

  • Prevent context menu: cannot click right on the mouse.
  • Prevent Save: cannot copy/paste or save elements of the content.

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