AdHoc test: install an application on iOS device

Author: Dana-Maria ROBU
Publishing date: 20/09/2018
Version history: 2.1

You can install an application on iOS devices to test it before publishing. This test method is called “AdHoc”.

You need to download Apple Configurator from the AppStore. It helps you transfer the .IPA file to the iOS device.

If you have installed a previous version of the application, delete this previous version before installing the new one.

AdHoc test for iOS application

  1. Download Apple Configurator from the AppStore.
  2. Connect a device to your computer.


The device appears in the Apple Configurator list.

3. Get the .IPA file of the application, downloaded from AppFactory, to add it on Apple Configurator.

4. Click on the + sign and select Apps in the Apple Configurator menu.

5. Click on the Select from my MAC button to add your application on the Apple Configurator.

6. Select the .IPA file from your computer and click on the Add button.

You can see the uploading progression of your application.
The application will be installed on your device. You can now test your application.

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