Digital Publishing System overview

Author: Dana-Maria ROBU
Publishing date: 14/08/2018
Version history: 2.1

Aquafadas Digital Publishing System consists of the following tools:

Authoring tools:

  • InDesign Authoring – Plugin with two panels:
    • AVE Project Manager: the panel used to manage InDesign documents used for AVE publishing. You manage your separate InDesign articles from within this panel.
    • AVE Interactivity: the panel used to add enrichments to any InDesign frame object.
  • Cloud Authoring with two tools:
    • Conversion Flow (process): to convert PDF files or images into a digital publishing project, exported as .ZAVE/ePub/WebReader file.
    • Creative Flow (process): is a NewsML based solution, part of the Cloud Authoring system, that can fully automate your digital publishing workflow. It is composed of three parts:
      • Tagged InDesign templates uploaded using the InDesign plugin,
      • Batch Processing and upload of the NewsML (XML),
      • Creative Flow Plan Management.

Publishing and management:

  • Cloud Connect to:
    • Register your content.
    • Register your applications.
    • Assign content to an application.
    • Modify the display of an application.
    • Manage the marketing functions.
  • Application creation:
    • iOS AppFactory – creation of .IPA file,
    • Android AppFactory – creation of .APK file.
  • Test:
    • Aquafadas Viewer,
    • Test iOS app,
    • Test Android app,
    • Test a WebReader HTML.

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