Elements to modify for published content or application

Author: Dana-Maria ROBU
Publishing date: 05/10/2018
Version history: 2.1

Modify elements without re-submitting the application

Once your content and application are published, you can modify certain elements without re-submitting the application:

  • the content of an issue in InDesign Authoring or Cloud Authoring and reference it in Cloud Connect, within the same issue.
  • the Title, the Issues, icons, names, etc.

Authoring tools

If you want to modify the content of an issue, you have to go to the authoring tool in which you created the content: InDesign or Cloud Authoring.

For further details on content modification, see Edit the content of an Issue in Cloud Authoring section.

Cloud Connect

In Cloud Connect you can modify:

  • a Title: name, covers, header images; you can add issue types, new issues, add a language, etc. For further details, see Create/Add a new Title documentation.
  • an Issue: name, covers, header images, issue type, etc. For further details, see Create/Add a new Issue documentation.
  • a Store Model: add/delete banners, change order or content of existing banners, set new language, etc. For further details, see Prepare your application: Create and configure an AppLight or a NextGen application.
  • options of Cloud Connect application: create a new push, categories, featured items, vouchers. For further details, see Advanced application functionalities section.

Modify elements with re-submission of the application

You can modify elements in AppFactory, but you will have to re-submit the application. For further details, see Configure your application in AppFactory section.

All new functionalities in Cloud Connect, having an impact on the application, require a re-submission of the application. A new AppFactory version requires a re-submission of the application.

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