Install manually an APK (Android app) on the device

Author: Dana-Maria ROBU
Publishing date: 19/09/2018
Version history: 2.1

You can install manually an application on Android devices to test it before publishing.

You can send the .APK file of the application to the device via email or a transfer application, such as Airdroid.

If you have installed a previous version of the application, delete this previous version before installing the new one.

Test the Android application

  1. Download AirDroid from Google Play.
  2. Connect a device to your computer, type the IP address of the device in the browser of your computer, and accept the connection.

3. Get the .APK file of the application, downloaded from AppFactory, to add it on AirDroid.

4. Click on the Install App button to add the .APK file.

5. Select the .APK file from your computer and click on the Open button.

6. Accept the installation of the application on the device by clicking on the Accept button.

A pop-up will confirmation the completion of the installation.
The application is installed on your device. You can now open and test it.

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