Set Firebase

In this menu the application gets access to Push notification subscriptions from Firebase projects.

Via Firebase .json file, the application connects to a Firebase project and can receive the notifications sent by Cloud Connect. In Cloud Connect you configure the notifications with a certificate key you get from Firebase project.

Figure 4.41. 


Firebase is a set of hosting services for any type of application: Android, iOS, Javascript, Node.js, Unity, Java, PHP, C++. It offers to host in NoSQL and in real time databases, content, social (Google, Facebook, Twitter and Github) authentication, notifications or services, such as server communication in real time.

For further details, see Google Cloud Messaging.

Get .json file from Firebase

  1. Go to your Firebase account, Settings tab.

    Figure 4.42. 

  2. Click on the Add an application button.

  3. Type the Cloud Connect ID of your application and save.

    The new application will appear in the left menu and the .json file on the right.
  4. Click on the google-service.json button to download the .json file for your Android application.

  5. Upload it in Android AppFactory, Firebase tab.

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