Author: Dana-Maria ROBU
Publishing date: 11/06/2019
Version history: 2.0

Vouchers are coupons to entitle users to a content discount, via Issues or Subscriptions, for a (un)defined period.

They are available in Cloud Connect, via a homonymous asset, and specific to every application.

They are compatible with the NextGen app only.

Name of the application
Available asset for this app

1. Create a new rule

First, you need to create a rule in Cloud Connect.

A rule contains information about the voucher you create and the content added to it.

  1. Connect to your Cloud Connect account.
  2. Click on the APPS tab.
  3. Select the application for which you want to create the voucher.
  4. Click on the Vouchers item.
  5. Click on the +Create a new rule button.
Click to create e new rule

6. Fill in the General tab:

  • Type the name of the Voucher.
  • Select an Expiration date, if your voucher is not permanent.
  • Set the Activation limit to know how many different users will receive and use the voucher.
  • Set a Content lifetime to the content attached to the voucher.
  • Type a Description of the voucher. This information is not mandatory to create the rule.
  • Type a description of the receiver to whom the voucher will be sent.

7. Add content to the Voucher: Subscriptions or Issues.

The information in the General tab will not be visible to the selected users. They will receive only a code to acquire the content.

Fill in the General tab.
Add content

2. Add content to the Voucher

You can add Issues or a Subscription content to a Voucher.

  1. Click on the +Add issues button.
  2. Choose the Title, select the issues you want to add, and then click on the +Add Selected Issues button.
The selected issues will be listed in the Issues tab.

3. Click on the OK button to validate the new voucher.

Select Title and Issues.
Confirm selected Issues.
Click OK to create the Voycher.
The new voucher will be listed on the main page of Vouchers.

Click on the eye sign to see the details of the voucher.

3. Generate codes

Once the voucher is created you can generate codes for the users.

  1. Click on the Generate codes button.

If you want a unique code, you set the number to one. If you want more codes you increase the number.

2. Click on the Save button to download the files containing the Vouchers.

Depending on the Activation limit you set, you multiply this number by the number of generated codes to get the final number of voucher uses.

3. Click on the Download Report button to have the detailed report about the voucher you created: name, description, activation limit, expiration date, lifetime interval, code, creation date, issue IDs, consumption date, last redeem date.

4. Click on the Download Redeemed Vouchers button to get the full list of redeemed vouchers for your application.

Click to download.
Click to download.

4. Add filters

When you have an important number of vouchers, you can create a filter in order to display only the vouchers you want.

  1. Click on the +Add filter button.
Click to add filter.

2. Select a key in the key field:

  • Name,
  • Creation date,
  • Expiration date,
  • Activation limit.

3. Select an operator according to the key you have selected:

  • Equal,
  • Like,
  • Greater than,
  • Greater or equal than,
  • Lower than,
  • Lower or equal than.

4. Set the value:

  • Type the name of the value if you chose the Name key.
  • Select a date if you chose Creation date or Expiration date.
  • Set a number if you chose Activation limit key.

5. Click on the OK button to validate the filter and display the vouchers according to the filter.

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