1. Authoring

As easy as Drag & Drop

Digital training from any kind of PDF

Use a modern interface to import any PDF in few clicks. Transform your old PowerPoint, Word, Keynote or any other information source, into highly engaging digital learning courses. Thanks to the cloud, the only thing you need is an internet connection.


Add all kinds of interactivity - from quizzes to games




Action button

Guided reading


Keep it fun and dynamic

Your employees will enjoy bespoke and highly energised content created in just a few minutes

2. Distribution

Learn from every device and every platform

We’ve put to work over a decade of mobile app expertise and HTML technology to create Aquafadas eLearn. That means your eLearn courses are compatible with all devices and all platforms.


Great Hosting

Share your finished course with all your learners via one simple link.

White Label

All the content you create with eLearn is free from branding for easy resale.


We use bank security standard, 256 bit encryption for all platform.

3. Analysis

Track anything - be in control

Discover how your learners use your training, and track results directly in your LMS/LRS. Track data such as:
– Who has (or hasn’t) taken the training
– Training dates
– Results
– Device types
– Individual questions and answers
– Passes, fails and completions
– And much more…
No LMS? No problem!
We’ve partnered with leaders throughout the industry and are happy to help you find the right LRS for your needs.


Trusted by industry leaders