Keeping pace with L&D innovation

Training employees is key for any business. But it’s a difficult task in the fast changing business world.
– How to make training accessible to everyone, everywhere?
– How to keep engagement while giving control of a learning path?
– How to save costs and increase efficiency?


Training in your employees’ pockets!

Digital transformation changed the way we work. Today’s employees are hyper connected, use multiple devices and are always on the go. Thanks to latest tech solutions employers are able to engage and communicate better via these new mobile communication channels.

Goodbye passive learning, hello interactivity

Goodbye passive learning, hello interactivity
Using your existing learning LMS and programs created, you can:
– Provide interesting experience with quizzes, games, videos etc.
– Making it accessible on devices your employees use and are familiar with
– Available anytime, with and without the internet


eLearning for a digital enterprise

With Aquafadas solution your employees can simply plug & learn!

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