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Our case study and tools pages have a new look!

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Are you looking for innovative technology to handle your company content? How to impress with interactivity, boost collaboration of teams, move your brand message across various digital devices to expand reach?

NEW Case studies  page

Browse and discover numerous examples of world’s biggest companies which took advantage of our technology to:

  • empower their sales teams
  • communicate with consumers
  • impress their employees
  • convert their print magazines to shiny digital publications
  • automate their content processes and more

We hope that you will be inspired by the countless possibilities that our digital publishing solutions can offer in all sectors: finance, servicing, retail, manufacturing, press and publishing, media, food and more.
Brands portfolio overview – quickly hover over the logo boxes to see the sector and a summary of the project
Case study individual pages – the new case studies pages allow you see apps in a glimpse as well as read brand summary, overview of the challenge, solution as well as results.

Our tools explained in 3 steps – NEW tools overview page

We’re flexible, our technology can be used by client themselves our we can provide the service using our software. It can be on premises or SaaS. But in a nutshell, our solutions can:

  1. Enrich content
  2. Create apps and web readers
  3. Boost engagement

Let us take you for a journey. Follow the arrow to see how to handle content with Aquafadas solutions.

More to come

Keep your eyes peeled as we will soon be adding more client project examples and launching further changes to our website including a listing of all our webinars so you can view them anytime you want. In the meantime, why don’t you download our new white paper about Content optimisation and ROI. 


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