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Stago App of the month – contextual content for sales teams

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In our regular column App of the month we focus on best apps created with our technology and today we introduce a smart sales enablement Stago application utilising a contextual content targeting and strategy to empower their sales teams no matter where they are in the world.

Stago is an In Vitro Diagnostic leader specialising in research of Haemostasis and Thrombosis. They have recently launched a new shiny app designed for their sellers and it has already been creating positive waves and internal appreciation. It has been designed for 15 subsidiaries around the world and filled with varied company creds, internal documents, presentations and sales kits all tailored and served to sales reps based on user’s context such as geographical location.

iPad app with easy-to-manage and access documents

Stago’s application is private and secure, for internal use only and built using the Next Gen app technology from Rakuten Aquafadas. It’s divided in 3 clear sections and filled with engaging and visually pleasing presentations. Thanks to new generation tools the ongoing content management and production workflow has been set up in a flexible way allowing to include and convert varied documents either already existing but enriched (with videos and more) or created from scratch using Indesign Plugin.

Contextual content

Thanks to an innovative usage of login details linked with the existing Stago’s Active Directory it offers a very exciting and useful, personalisation of content served to each sales rep based on user profile stored in log-in details (contextual content delivery).  It’s easy to manage for content creators, intuitive for time-poor sales reps often on the go, who can now rapidly find documents they need: with accurate information and regional localised products, costs and market details.

“Thanks to the Aquafadas app our sales team can access to all our digital sales tools and demos in seconds to gain greater interactivity with clients.ˮ, Stago

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And if you’re searching for experts to build your own smart app, contact us today.

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