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The mobility of the future – what will it look like? Continental app in China

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“Car ownership reaches record high in China. “
“China may lead the electric car revolution.”

These are only two of multiple headlines that come up when searching for car ownership in the country behind the Great Wall. No surprisingly the German Continental Corporation, one of the world’s biggest automotive suppliers, decided to distribute their existing digital magazine about the future of mobility for the Chinese audience. We’re proud to say that Aquafadas technology and partners working with us made it happen. 

Driving corporate communications to a new format

Working with Aquafadas partners, Continental in collaboration with the Berlin brand agency wirDesign, converted their existing brochure into a digital magazine app and launched just in time for the 2016 International Motor Show IAA in Hannover. Easy to use tools, ability to localise content and support of a regional partner were key to develop and launch this project. And, what’s more, it was only a start to acceleration of a relationship between Continental and Aquafadas solutions. Our technology was chosen for three key reasons:

  • Very fast creation and delivery
  • Impeccable technical support from the Aquafadas Chinese partner
  • Smooth and enjoyable reading experience created thanks to Aquafadas technology

New doors opened

By connecting with the German Aquafadas integrator CeeQoo and wirDesign, the Continental business in China discover that Aquafadas is able to offer support on the Chinese market too, where we have a dedicated partner Beijing Liangziyuheng Technology. Which is crucial when it comes to overcoming country specific challenges such as:

  • Strict content rules
  • Complicated language 
  • Distribution on Android complexity in China


Aquafadas Chinese partner successfully delivered the apps as needed. The Continental magazine apps were launched both on the iTunes Store and on mainstream Android platforms in China, supporting multi-language change inside app (feature coming soon), and enabling Chinese users to have a better reading experience with faster content loading.

You can see it here: iTunes, Tencent, 360 and Ali.

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