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Dominance of mobile and apps – latest stats

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In the fast paced connected world of today, it is hard to keep up with the latest stats and insights when it comes to internet browsing, mobile vs desktop usage smartphones and apps.

Dominance of mobile and apps – key industry reports

Here are key findings from two latest reports  from Verto Analytics and ComScore.

Smartphone is used more than desktop at every hour of a day

Contrarily to previous years, smartphones are being used more than desktop at every hour of a day. Previously device chosen to browse online was dependent on the time of the day with desktop PCs tended to be the most popular in the middle hours of the day and in the middle part of the evening

Morning browsing is mostly on smartphone

Most popular smartphone online browsing times are 8am and 11am, when 63% of users choose them over any other devices

But majority of users are stuck online after dinner

Most popular time of day for people to go online is between 5pm and 10pm, while actual usage is heaviest between 7pm and 8pm

Services designed directly for mobile dominate

“Daily behaviour is either rapidly shifting away from PCs or going straight to mobile, highlighted by services designed almost entirely for mobiles such as Uber and Snapchat”, Hannu Verkasalo, Verto Analytics CEO

Apps drive digital media consumption

Users spend 50% of their time online on smartphone apps with young people (18-24 year-olds) spending 2 / 3rd of their digital media time on smartphone apps alone

Heavy app fans use them for over 3 hours daily

Young users spend more than 3 hours a day on apps, with 25-34 year-olds being the second group using them for over 2.5 hours

App time heavily dominates web time

Mobile app time account to 87% vs 13% of mobile web time

But online activity on apps is heavily concentrated

Favourite apps tend to stay the key apps, saved on a prime position (front and center) on a home page, and used more than any other apps

Smartphone users’ #1 app drives half of their app time, and the Top 10 drive 95%+

Interest in news apps begins to wane

App discovery is down across several channels, including the app store, word-of-mouth and advertising

The majority of app users don’t download any apps per month

And a few apps recently unveiled revolutionized the landscape

Users want to stay connected 

In 2017 users are happy again to receive push notifications

For other interesting digital stats, see our latest infographic.

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