GDPR: how to make sure your app is compliant?


GDPR, privacy policy and mobile applications

The General Data Protection Regulation has come into force. You will have certainly become aware of this as you will have received a large number of emails informing you about the privacy policy update on the different platforms that you are registered on. These different services explain the personal information that they collect about you, how to access it and how to delete it. The applications that you make with the Rakuten Aquafadas tools meet the same requirements: users must be able to easily access your privacy policy.

When do I need to have a privacy policy?

It is necessary to have a privacy policy when you store information about your users or the devices they use. This includes, but is not limited to: account access, such as implementing an Apple Health Kit, HomeKit, Keyboard extensions or Apple Pay, localisation access, access to contacts, calendar… In the vast majority of cases, you must have a privacy policy.

Apple and Google recommend complying with the GDPR

Apple, Google and Windows recommend that you allow people to view your privacy policy on mobile applications. For iOS applications, this access must be integrated into the application itself, and on the application’s page on the iTunes App Store. As previously announced, Google is reducing the visibility of, and even removing, applications which do not comply with the new policy.

How can I create an application in line with the GDPR?

You must update your application and resubmit it to Apple in order to comply with the GDPR. Create this new version with AppFactory. Indicate the link to your privacy policy in the field provided for this purpose in the Adjustments section. You must also show this on your app’s iTunes Connect page.

How can I create an Android application in line with the GDPR?

You must show your privacy policy on your application’s page. In order to do this, connect to your developer account on the Google Play Store. You do not need to resubmit your app.

You can also show your privacy policy within the app, by generating a new version with AppFactory and filling in the field provided for this purpose.

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