User data protection: GDPR compliance

By April 24, 2018News

GDPR stands for General Data Protection & Regulation. It is a European regulation that aims to improve the protection and confidentiality of citizens’ personal data. All European companies or organisations (or other bodies that process EU citizens’ data) must comply with the standards specified in the regulation.

Will Rakuten Aquafadas be compliant?

Yes, we are currently working on it. We have appointed a GDRP officer who ensures that:

1) All third-party services that we use for developing our tools (such as OVH), for marketing (such as Google Analytics or Salesforce), or for human resources management (such as LinkedIn) are GDPR compliant.

2) All the data we have about a user can be communicated and deleted at the user’s request, both from our databases and from those of third-party companies with whom we work.

3) All the data we have about a user is only collected because

  • a) it is used in the Aquafadas App and Digital Content Creation Platform,
  • b) it is used to improve this platform,
  • c) it is used keep the user informed about our products and their operation.

We will also keep our users better informed about the use of their data and how it can be deleted by posting our privacy policy online.

Data protection is at the heart of the entire Rakuten Group’s concerns.

When will Rakuten Aquafadas be GDPR compliant?

We are aiming to be compliant by 25 May. We will keep our clients informed as operations progress.

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