How to cosy up with your customers? Get close with a mobile app no matter where they are

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Did you know that the total number of smartphones around the world is higher than the global population? There are 7.9 billion mobile devices and only 7.5 billion people (Cisco). And an average user spends 2 out of 3 browsing minutes on mobile. And you? When did you last check your mobile? A minute ago or even right now while reading this article? Your friends, brands, or even your bosses or colleagues ping you messages via your smartphone anytime, anywhere: when you are sipping your morning coffee in a local cafe or enjoying a nice spa treatment at the weekend or perhaps even in the evening when waiting for a train home?

Digital transformation putting you ahead the game

Those who do so understood the benefits of going mobile. And they gained competitive edge by offering innovative tools. They were the first ones to delight their customers but also to make changes behind the scenes with internal processes, infrastructure or even company culture. And all of this to meet demands of today’s mobile-first world.
But going digital is not easy and there are various steps to take to transform workplaces.

  • Moving away from PCs to handheld devices (how many of your own employees have company phones or tablets?)
  • Releasing the power from IT-led to employees and customers-led solutions (is your IT team still making key decisions based on infrastructure and tech they’re familiar with?)
  • From company to private tools (are you allowing access to your company data on private devices following the BYOD ways of working)
  • Transforming closed and limited networks of connectivity to open and endless connections (can your workers access intranet when outside of the company wifi?)

{Source: Cisco}

3 reasons why it’s worth going mobile

1. Get noticed all times 

How often when preparing an email campaign or a physical event, you have been wondering when it’s best to try to see and talk to your audiences? Morning, lunchtime or maybe evening? Imagine if you could catch them literally always, not worrying about time zones, open rates or number of attendees? Today, two thirds of all digital time is spent on mobile devices {Comscore}. Isn’t it a missed opportunity to get visible to achieve your goals: to promote your product, share internal news or increase safety at hazardous parts of your business? By a simple mobile app you can appear on your audiences’ screens even without making them scroll or open (they will remember the key message and image of your app notification).

2. Be where they are 

Are you just reviewing another pricey media plan? How much do you need to spend to make them come to your website? But why do you ‘force’ them to your business ‘locations’ when all they want is to continue being glued to their own phone screens? Mobile apps allow you reversing the communication journey. To give you examples, your marketing teams are trying to catch always-on-the-road sales reps. They want to make sure that they know the latest correct company numbers or appealing new products or case studies. But they can never reach them. By uploading a new document to a sales enablement app, they can give them info very quickly and with in app analytics even check who read which info, what post-meeting comments were added and which marketing resources are never opened. And all of this without forcing them to ‘visit your website’.

3. Make them love you 

And last but not least. Ok you managed to talk to them late at night as they saw your pop up on their phones just before going to sleep. Then you arrived to them without forcing them to come to you. But now, there are so many competitors around trying to catch their attention too:

  • Other companies selling a similar product
  • Another business fighting for your investor’s time to share their key annual figures
  • Tonnes of emails arriving to your employees inboxes taking their time away from key announcements or health and safety procedures
  • Endless meetings stopping your sales teams from reviewing the latest marketing documents

The research shows that those who spend time on apps, are 20 times more loyal. This is powerful! Not only you can impress them with your company interactive branding, touch them with your brand story via a video but also shower them with gifts (free content given via promotional codes or vouchers). They won’t ever betray you – it’s worth it!


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