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What is a Digital Publishing / Graphic Designer ? Decoding technical jobs

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At Rakuten Aquafadas we work with technical talent from different backgrounds and with different skills. We have web developers, graphic designer, data specialists, UX/UI experts. But what do they actually do? It’s often hard to know and that’s why we launched a regular column to ‘decode’ technical professions. The goal is to inspire and explain what they really mean and do. Today we are chatting to our Graphic Designer Kotryna.

Graphic Designer: Kotryna STANKEVIČIŪTĖ


Hello Kotryna. Tell us about being a Graphic Designer.

First let me explain my work here at Rakuten Aquafadas. I handle two types of task: graphic designer related but also linked with our own technology and digital publishing. But what does it mean?
With my Graphic Designer hat on I am in charge of creating images and visuals of our brand to support communication of my company and convey ideas and messages through images. Examples could be creation of logos, layouts, posters, banners, infographics and more.
When I am working on my Digital Publishing Designer tasks I handle creation or editing of app and its content by using our own digital publishing tools like our Rakuten Aquafadas plugin for Adobe InDesign.

What’s your typical daily task?

At Rakuten Aquafadas my key tasks are related to digital publishing. It basically means creating or editing digital content (creation of e-magazines, e-books, digital catalogues). For example I am the person designing and making POCs (Proof Of Concept) for our clients or prospects to show them on a small scale how their own digital content such as print magazines, internal educational materials, product demos, HR files, communications etc could look like as interactive files. And I also to show them how these files could be wrapped (in terms of architecture) inside their own content apps.
I also work on keeping up to date the existing apps and content inside them such as our own Rakuten Aquafadas app. I update it by adding banners or creating magazines with urw case studies, blogs and articles. All of this without coding of course as this is what can be done with our tools!
And when I have free time from time to time I also design images for our own marketing needs like images for blog posts, business cards, stands, leaflets and campaigns.

What’s exciting about your job?

I love finding creative solutions like designing images for our blog posts and ensuring that visuals convey the message easily and correctly. I also find deadlines quite exciting and delivering on time is motivating for me. My creativity is also duplicated under pressure.

What’s most difficult?

Not being able to have a full background information to create a POC especially when it is done for a prospect, whose needs we don’t know well, is tiring sometimes. Also it can be frustrating (all graphic designers will sympathise with me for sure!) when design decisions are made by non creatives. Us graphic designers have experience and education in design and arts studies hence our creative advice should be well listened to. This is our job!

What kind of training and skills you need to become Digital Publishing / Graphic Designer?

As for me, the most important is the personality aspect. You need to be a strong personality to create good designs. It reflects a sensibility for visuals and it will benefit the soul of the company by conveying its motto. You also need to be creative and be happy to share your ideas publically. If you’re interested in becoming a Graphic Designer, you have to follow graphic design or visual communication courses with a digital specialisation.

How do you think your job will evolve in the future?

Today image-led communication is more and more important everywhere: web, apps, corporate communication, everyday life. So my job will evolve following how these platforms, business and private life will change and the future needs will arising. Personally I’d like to focus on large projects…. because the bigger it is the more important it becomes. I am happy as long as I can be more and more creative.

What makes a Digital Publishing / Graphic Designer laugh?

“Anything written in Comic-Sans becomes a joke”
I know that many graphic designers will agree. Comic-Sans is THE tasteless font. Using it is like wearing a spotted dress with a checked jacket: it is as serious faux pas.
Graphic Designers made a campaign for decreasing the use of this font. Why? Because it’s been outrageously overused, and miss used, even if the design is good.

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