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Empowering creative people

How to create beautiful user-friendly mobile applications? Using the Rakuten Aquafadas plugin for Adobe InDesign, creatives can make elegant and fluidly interactive content accessible directly within an app. In order to achieve this result, you will not need to write code or learn new tools: it is sufficient simply to know how to use InDesign.

Rendering great design
On smartphones and tablets, the elegance is in the navigation: parallax effects and animated transitions bring this refined touch to your mobile creations.

Cross-platform content
The Rakuten Aquafadas plugin allows you to create interactive content for smartphones, tablets and the web. Without writing a single line of code.

Rich document content
Slideshows, videos, sounds, buttons, drag-and-drop elements, HTML or InDesign animations… it has never been easier to create interactivity and mobile app design.

Designing for mobile
Thanks to its high definition export and embedded fonts, the Rakuten Aquafadas plugin offers a perfect final render. Create a pixel perfect mobile app design, optimised for each screen.

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