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What is an iOS developer? Decoding technical jobs

iOS developer

At Rakuten Aquafadas we’re surrounded by technical talents, amongst them iOS developers, all from different backgrounds and with different skills. Let’s name only a few: web developers, UX designers, data specialists, UX experts and more. But what do they actually do? It’s often hard to know and that’s why we launched a regular column to ‘decode’ technical professions. Today it’s time for our technical lead supervisor and iOS developer: Damien Jardon to tell us about his job.

Hello Damien! Tell us a few words about being an iOS developer and a team lead

I am a mobile and iOS technical team lead and I also collaborate with other team heads on integrated projects. I specialise in macOS and iOS. We code in Swift and Objective-C in Xcode environment. The main difference between macOS and iOS is the size of the screens and the handle of gestures.

What are your typical daily tasks?

I have two main tasks: management of the team and projects and app development.

As for my managerial tasks, I need to keep everyone happy with their daily assignments. The goal is to keep my team fully motivated by for example supporting and developing junior team members through types of projects given to them.

Regarding my iOS dev tasks, I code iOS apps, I correct bugs and I investigate to find the optimal app architecture to make the code easily understood. Some clients like the functionalities we provide and others don’t. So knowing where we can remove or add lines of code in the global architecture makes things faster.

What’s exciting about your job?

For the management side, I love the challenge of finding the perfect balance between:

  • upskilling my team
  • while dealing with emergencies
  • and launching projects

And for the technical side in terms of app development, I really love making the code modular in order to structure it.

What’s most difficult?

Dealing with everyone’s frustration can be challenging. When a product is about to be released and somebody from the production team informs me that the app crashes or behaves in a very specific manner, that is not even based on a real use case/experience, which can be hard to figure out.

What kind of training and skills do you need to become an iOS developer?

You need to complete technical studies –  an engineering degree is best in my view. If you want to be a lead, management skills are essential. You have to be proactive and motivated. Going above and beyond the product spec requested by the client is a very important quality too.

How do you think your job will evolve in the future?

Long term maybe we’ll see hybrid technology which will require hybrid coding (compatible on any devices and operating system).  Hybrid coding (same code, based on web technology, on different operating system) is more and more relevant and we are already working on Cordova and React Native.

What makes an IOS developer laugh?

“There is no need to do a prototype (POC), there is no reason it won’t work”

It’s like to trust Apple to never make buggy release.

“With this tool, we can do ANYTHING you want”

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