Learning history of the state of Georgia thanks to digital materials App of the month

Learning history can be hard. But thanks to our technology digital textbooks has become accessible for mobile users in one of the states in the US. Our latest App of the month has been created by a local media broadcaster Georgia Public House allowing them to reach their audience, both students and teachers, with a digital textbook named “Georgia Stories: Our State and our Nation” on just any device.
All accessible for the classroom and beyond. It offers a fully interactive platform where students can take virtual field trips, enabling them to engage with their history and culture.

About Georgia Public House and their educational branch

Georgia Public House is a Government television and radio broadcaster in the state of Georgia in the United States. Their education branch GBP Education serves the learning community through multiple resources for classrooms and after-school programs. They deliver it using broadcast television, the GPB video streaming portal, their website, and apps. To help students learning history, they launched a digital textbook named “Georgia Stories: Our State and our Nation” and after three years of using the Adobe Digital Publishing platform, they were looking for a new solution to answer their needs.

Highly enhanced content – cross platform reach

In 2017 GPB trusted our digital publishing tools to build an app fit for all platforms (iOS, Android, Web). This allowed them not only to make their digital textbook available for all kinds of users and overcoming bulky interfaces. But they also filled it with enriched content answering needs of teachers and students. And to offer tailored experience they divided the app into two parts: public open content for students and private resources for teachers.

Smooth transition to enable learning history with zero disruptions

Changing the very tools GPB Education worked with to develop the app meant they had to adapt very quickly to offer their users the best experience possible. With our solution, GPB were able to undergo a smooth transition between previous and new technology provider. It also allowed them to manage their database without relying on any third-party. Working alongside Rakuten Aquafadas’ partner in the USA Disco Learning made the process easy and the final result highly desirable.
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And don’t wait to contact us if you wish to create your own app and interactive content.

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