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Analyse and optimise your apps

Thanks to analytics integration feature, it’s possible to connect your content to powerful third party services including Localytics, Google Analytics, and XITI.This allows to identify the most popular publications and reveal which areas of your app receive the most clicks. This way it is simple to optimise the app and the content to increase the audience appeal.

In-app display advertising

To drive sales, you can benefit from marketing campaigns options inside your apps. Thanks to the easy-to-modify banner spaces available within an app, it’s possible to fully control in-app advertising. Banners can be linked to any URL, and can also include interactive content such as videos, games, digital documents and more.

Push notifications

Aquafadas’ push notification system allows you to submit relevant, timely information directly to your user’s home screen, even if your app is inactive. Our notification system has been shown to increase user engagement – often by as much as 30-60% and is especially effective when it comes to re-engaging with a dormant audience.


Thanks to our integrated purchasing system, your readers can now make in-app purchases effortlessly in one click. And our ready-to-go applications make it easy for you to add new editions. Apple, Amazon and Google allow you to create self-renewing subscriptions. This simple option is an effective way of increasing your audience and subscriber base, and users are free to cancel their subscriptions at any time.

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