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My life as a Rakutenian… .Net developer – Decoding technical jobs

net developer

Together, Rakuten Aquafadas and Rakuten European Group companies are taking a closer look at the technical jobs of European Rakutenians in the article series “My Life as a Rakutenian …”

Did you know that the expertise within our technical teams in Europe is growing at a phenomenal rate? Perhaps you have even seen job titles, but known what the people behind them do.

Our today´s article decodes a very popular but still little-understood technical job, ingeniously explained here by Michael Nicholson : “My Life as a Rakutenian .Net Developer” , working at Rakuten Kobo, in Dublin´s office.

net developer


Hello Michael!! Thanks for taking part

  • Tell us about being a .Net Software Developer?

A good Software Developer is also a good Software Designer.

Designing a software solution is a lot like designing a home. Design is just as important as actually building the home itself. It’s the stage where it’s easiest to make changes and the best time to find mistakes and ask questions.

To help the developer design they can call on an Architect for advice, and to help the developer ensure they built what was requested they can call on the Quality Assurance professional. Everything in between is the responsibility of the Software Developer.

Top 3 rules for being a software developer:

    • Don’t reinvent the wheel: ask yourself if someone else is likely to have encountered this problem and how they solved it
    • Think Modular: In a good house you should be able to replace the kitchen without disturbing someone watching TV in the living room
    • The main goal of writing code is to make it easy to read and understand: Code that works but is illegible is solving a problem now and passing a new one into the future.
  • What’s your typical daily task?

I start each morning reviewing the slack channel for any updates, as our colleagues from other time zones may have updates since our finishing times in Dublin.

In the morning our team has stand up meeting where we gather around one desk and each team member updates on what they did the previous day and what they plan to do today. On a normal day I either finish any tasks I have open or pick up a new task from our Jira Kanban board.

Tasks need to be investigated, discussed (if non- trivial), resolved, developer tested, then passed on to QA for further testing on a new environment.

  • According to you, what’s exciting about your job?

Developing elegant solutions for complex problems and watching them work in a live environment. Observing if a solution works as well in the wild (live) environment as well as it worked in a simulated environment is always exciting.

  • What are the perks of working in a global electronic commerce and Internet Company such as Rakuten Group in terms of job opportunities and projects to work on?

Working in a company with such a large code base, there are always interesting and challenging projects to work on. Having previously worked in companies where there was just one project to develop, it’s easy to appreciate working in a global e-commerce company.

  • According to you, what’s most difficult? (/most challenging?)

Understanding the reasons for a change or request for new code, knowing what current frameworks are in place and what side effects your change may result in. Is there a part of the solution that should be refactored as part of this change…? There is a lot of understanding and thought that should be completed before applying change.

  • What kind of training and skills do you need to become a .Net Developer?

You need an understanding of Agile development methodologies, knowledge of software development in an Object-Oriented programming language, experience in front end Markup / HTML and front end interpreted language (JavaScript / jQuery) and back end data storage technologies such as SQL Server

  • How do you think your job will evolve in the future?

Newer technologies and frameworks will be released and adopted while currently adopted ones will become obsolete and be discarded. Good developers will be able to let go of the old an embrace the new as the future unfolds.

  • What makes a Software Developer laugh?

Finding legacy (old) code in a system that needs to be deleted and re-written. Wondering “who would write such rubbish”, checking the source control system and finding out it was yourself. We all evolve into better coders as we progress through our careers. If we can’t look back at our own blunders and laugh then we need to lighten up.

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