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Create and update your app, component by component

Imagine being able to customise your apps with a few simple clicks. With Next Gen app pre-defined banners templates, all changes are done in real time and then automatically saved and applied to all platforms.

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Multiple banner options

Depending on your circumstances, you can add a video banner to feature your new films on the front page. Or you can add a new subscription or spotlight component to highlight the latest document added to the app. All of it done with no coding and automatically accessible for app users.


It’s all about drag & drop

Using an intuitive user interface you drag and drop components and test the changes before deployment.


Distribute them everywhere

Publish them on any screen size and device: iOS, Android, web, Windows, public and private


Other tools

inDesign Authoring

Would you rather start creating digital content from scratch? Check our inDesign Authoring plugin.


Need to convert batches of PDFs? Discover our automated solutions name ConversionFlow.

Cloud Authoring

Would you prefer something more straightforward? A simple PDF conversion?

Creative Flow

Automate the creation of custom-designed digital editions thanks to templates filled by your content.

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