Leverage onboarding apps to improve internal communication, boost performance, speed up new starter induction, and deliver effective training that engages. Create rich interactive experiences, share video, and deliver statutory documents directly to mobile devices with no technical skills required.


Live, confidential, and secure internal communications with analytics capabilities.


Digital training, videos, gamified quizzes, and more – accessible anytime, anywhere – even offline.


Innovative bonuses and motivation boosters via in-app digital rewards.

“Organisations will look beyond standard learning nuggets and look for more tools that can enhance learner productivity. Workforce enablement through targeted interventions will be a strong trend in 2018.“

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Why onboarding apps


Secure your staff communications, whilst maintaining easy access, offline capabilities, and search functionality.


Interactive content to engage a distributed workforce; in the office, in the field, even in remote locations – with always up-to-date, rich presentations to streamline your onboarding process.


Digital training to upskill staff anytime, anywhere – deliver critical health and safety or compliance content with ease.


Analytics to understand user journeys, improve content, and monitor teams’ progress – connected to your LMS.


Integration and scalability with rights management, chat, collaboration, and digital bonus features.


Maintain and control onboarding apps within the HR and learning teams – no reliance on IT or developers.

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